Cash Fund

Cash Fund

Cash gifts just got way easier. Our cash fund allows users to set an amount for event guests and loved ones to contribute money towards, from the comfort of their homes.

How to Create a Cash Fund

  • Create Registry
    Take the guessing out of gifting
    Setting up one is FREE and easy to do.
    Follow these easy STEPS
  • Add Cash Fund
    Enter any amount you wish
    You can set any amount for your cash fund anytime and anywhere.
    Easy and convenient.
  • Share Registry
    Easy and convenient
    Guests anywhere in the world can contribute to your cash fund.
    Pay via MasterCard, Visa, mobile money (MTN, Vodafone, and Airtel-Tigo) and bank transfers at no additional charges.
    No more lost cash envelopes and cheques!

  • Receive & Spend
    Let’s make those dreams come true!
    We will keep your cash funds secure and transfer them 2 weeks before the stated event date (*less a low handling fee). Another transfer is made 2 weeks post-event if additional funds are received.

*5% off total cash funds received

NB: For funeral cash fund donations the registry owner must upload a death certificate as proof of bereavement. This is also to solidify Giftologi’s integrity and ensure/promote a safe user experience.

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